Reboot has tailor made / customized Solution for each of the customer segment… ITAD, Products and More

Retail Customers

Retail customers - Since its inception, Reboot has served to over 5000 retail customers across all the Tiers of the nation, spanning over 500 pin codes. In India, Reboot is the top choice when it comes to Refurbished computers. One of the major highlights of Reboot’s Refurbished products has been its brand new boxed customer experience along with one year national replaceable warranty. The total number of users has crossed 100,000 over the last 24 months and with every passing year; the number is rising at an enormous pace.

Educational Institutions / Training Institutions

Reboot’s has the largest customer base in the form of Educational Institutes. A Large number of institutions are still deprived of basic computing owing to the high cost of purchasing new PCs and the proximity to PC stores. Reboot has been able to solve this issue by bringing in the entire product range of refurbished computers. Being a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, Reboot becomes a favourite among such institutions as it provides a complete solution along with genuine Windows OS Software. Reboot has done Installations in over 250 schools and colleges all across the nation.

Some of the institutions to get empowered by Reboot’s refurbished PCs are
• Next education pvt.ltd, Hyderabad
• Red & White school, Surat
• PMCR Engineering College,Hyderabad
• Aryabhatta College of Engineering & Research Centre, Delhi, and many more.


Reboot has closely worked with NGOs, as it strongly believes that “Everybody Deserves a Computer”. Reboot provides smart solutions to NGOs which have limited sources of funds and those which are not able to purchase new PCs. We provide refurbished PCs with original Microsoft software. We have done installation across the country in the remotest of places.

Few of our installations are named below:
• Miracle foundation India, Hyderabad
• Shamil Charitable Trust, Surat,
• A4E and many more.

NGOs are large beneficiaries of corporate companies, as they receive their older PCs from them. However, these PCs being sub-standard are not fit for direct donation to schools. Reboot comes into the picture and provides a solution in the form of “RaaS” (Refurbishment as a Service) where they refurbish the PCs for the NGO. These have all the features of a standard PC and also come with one year national replacement warranty. With Reboot’s Initiative, NGOs have learnt to donate efficiently and effectively.

We primarily work with NGOs in two ways:
1. We obtain the donated PCs from the NGOs and Refurbish them under a service known as RaaS. (Refurbishment as a Service)
2. We then Refurbish their products as their exclusive logistic partner and dispatch it to the required locations along with a one-year warranty.


Reboot has worked across a variety of small, medium and large companies. Reboot is an e-waste certified company and offers India’s largest ITAD (IT Assets disposition) service to Corporates and Educational Institutions where we buy back the older PCs and provide them a Refurbished solution. Reboot also issues FORM 2 so that the company gets the formal compliance certificate.

Following are some of our Corporate Clients:
• Hero BPO, Delhi
• Revalsys, Hyderabad
• Ginja Industries, Surat
• Smart call centre, Kolkata

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