Rahul Chowdhury

CEO & Co-Founder

Rahul is passionate about being a guide and mentor to new entrepreneurs; he likes working with them hands on through the progression of setting up their ventures and seeing them emerge. He has an exceptional aptitude to envision the anomalies confronted by budding organizations that vie for fast track growth. Rahul’s strengths lie in building teams, raising capital and bringing a larger vision into implementation.

Having worked across Latin America, North America and Asia, during his 10 year career, he transitioned his rich experience and set up – DenuoSource, founded in 2006. DenuoSource operates globally in the field of analytics and consulting and renders analytics services to Fortune 500 companies.

On his return to India in 2011, he was struck by the economic and working conditions of the unorganized labor market in both domestic and corporate sectors. This prompted him to start his next company – in late 2012. This new venture was been founded with the intent to train and scale the bottom of the pyramid labor force, ensuring payment of minimum wages while improving employability and financial independence of this sector. GetDomesticHelp today is present in 3 cities and has placed over 2000 individuals. The company has raised capital from marquee investors.

In 2013 Rahul Co-Founded : Reboot : Aims to follow the telecom path and increase PC & Smartphone penetration in India to be at par with the developed nations of the world . Reboot is India’s first national provider to offer value-priced, certified, co-branded, pre-owned refurbished hardware (PCs, laptops, desktops, servers and smartphones etc.); backed by a warranty and quality assurance. Reboot’s leadership team is on a mission to help bridge the Digital Divide Challenges in our country via a Hybrid Online and Offline Retail Model.

Rahul is a Board Member of the Hyderabad Angels and is also an active TiE Charter Member for the Hyderabad Chapter.

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